Guan Yu Temple on the Mopan Mountain in Tibet

As you know , Tibet is one of our minority nationalities . However , Guan Yu Temple is one of representatives of our traditional culture and we can see most of them in the Han nationality and see few of them in minority nationalities , there was one temple which was kept in Tibet . In this Guan Yu Temple , they have kept a painted statue of King Gesar ; a story about Guan Yu defending the law and suppressing the evil have been widely told in western Sichuan and eastern Tibet ; an inscription carved on a stone tablet in the reign of Emperor Qianlong in front of the main hall record ed the construction of the Temple of Guan Yu at Mopan Mountain and so on at present . So, the Guan Yu Tempe in Lhasa has become a milestone marking the unification of Tibetan and Han people and combination of different ethic culture . Besides that , the snow-capped Himalayas tells the long history of the Chinese nation .