Zhu Zhengming : He Looking for the Guangong Culture in the World¡¡

During the twenties years , Zhu Zhengming , the photographer has went to the main land , Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan , America , European , Africa and so on , more than 19 kilometers , t ook more than 10000 pieces of precious pictures , published the ¡° China Guangong Culture¡± , ¡°World Guangong Culture¡± and so on , held many times photo exhibition in home and abroad , and g otten provincial awards . Zhu Zhengming was transferred to the Hubei Oversea Friendship Connection Association , and he had advantageous of achieving his plan ¡° dropping by the World Guangong Culture¡± . From the China map , he look fixedly at the Tibetan , and it is said that there was an old Guangong Temple in Lhasa . So , he went to the Tibetan by himself . Through the Tibetan Autonomous Region , he kn ew the history of Guangong Culture in Tibetan . Because of the precious old stone tablet, and the Guan Yu's portrait was broken , he donated his poor salary to the Guan Yu Temple in Lhasa . He returned his hometown ( Wuhan )from the Tibetan , that snow-plateau is still in his heart , and he wrote the articles of ¡°snow-capped Himalayas ¡± and ¡° Nyainqentanglha Range ¡± and so on . After the works of Tibet Guangong Culture being published , bringing all the people's attention in home and abroad . It shows that a Milestone Marking the Unitification of Tibetan and Han People and combination of different ethic cultures . In order to promote d the Guangong Culture communication in home and abroad , Zhu Zhengming hold the ¡°Chinese Guangong Culture Photo Exhibition¡± at San Francisco in 1997, which was the first time present ed the Guangong Culture image to the Overseas . At that present , Chinese Guangong Culture became the focus of people discussion . Zhu Zhengming was invited by the Taiwan Government in 1998 , he held the big ¡°Guangong Culture Photo Exhibition¡± . On the opening ceremony , the people from all circles visited this ceremony , and the atmosphere was lively . In fact , Zhu Zhengming is only a public service , in order to many people pay attention to Guangong Culture , more than 20 years , he has use d his poor salary to drop by the Guangong Culture throughout many places . At present , he works as the vice general-Secretary , the General-Secretary of World Guangong Culture Promotion Association and the photographer of Stated class . He said that he ha d succeeded in Chinese Guangong Culture , not only his contribution , but also many people's support and attention , especially his family , colleague and people from home and abroad .

Photographer Zhu Zhengming pays a visit to the Nyainqentanglha Range in Tibet .

The vice Chairman Huo Yingdong (center) , the Mayor Luo Qingquan(right) and the Photographer Zhu Zhengming at Association Exhibition Center in Hong Kong .


Zhu Zhengming is accepting the ¡° special interview of World Guangong Culture¡± on the American Television Station .



Zhu Zhengming presents the picture Catalogue of ¡°World Guangong Culture¡± to the Managing Director Zeng Deshen (2 nd right) , and Member Director Lin Jianzheng (3 rd right)


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