Zhang Delong : the Guardian of Guanling in Dangyang , Hubei Province


Zhang Dehong has worked as the Director of Guanling in Dangyang for ten years in Hubei Province , China . Under the support of local government s and friend s , he holds the annual temple fair at Guanling , which attracts many pilgrims and visitors , and bringing into the donation of more than 1500000 yuan to the Guan Yu Temple's construction . For recent years , he has been to Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan for the communication activities of Guangong Culture . Guanling locates in the West of Dangyang city , it is about five kilometers from the Dangyang city , and the geographical conditions is good , the communication is very convenient . Through the government declaring , Guanling in Dangyang has been displayed the important historical relic protection , it is famous for Guan Yu's tomb of his body without head and Guanling is a tranquil place . In the Guanling , there are many famous historical relics from the Three Kingdoms , sixteen emperors admire him . The statue of Guan Yu enshrined at the Mausoleum of Guanling in Dangyang ., and an ancient stela inscribed with ¡°Teachings of Guan Yu¡± kept in Guanling ; A memorial plaque in Guanling bears an inscription of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty which reads : ¡°Fame is known through China¡± ; A memorial plaque with the words : ¡° Military Saint under Heaven¡± presented to Guanling by the Wusheng Temple in Taiwan . Meanwhile , the people of enthusiasm and hospitability in Dangyang welcomes the friend from home and abroad to the Guanling in Dangyang for pilgrimage and sightseeing .

Zhang Dehong , Director of Guanling in Dangyang with Wei Long , Director of Xiezhou Guan Yu Temple .



Zhang Dehong at Xingtian Temple in Taibei .


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