Wei long : the Cultural Successor of Guan Yu¡¯s Hometown

Wei Long, t he Director of Guan Yu Temple in Xiezhou , he has been worked in the culture and the historical relic for many years , made a huge contribution . Under Wei Long leading , bringing into the advanced management mode , offering the best services for tourists , so , the Xiezhou Guan Yu Temple is one of the interests Places , getting the social effect and economic returns . The 17 th China International Guangong Cultural Festival was held in 2006, and the tourists from all over the world took part in this activities , for example , the Guan Yu's descendants , the Chinese people representatives and so on . This activities has promoted the brand effect of ¡°Guangong Cultural Festival¡± , and has enlarged the popularity of Xiezhou Guan Yu Temple in Shanxi province .Through the history rebuilding , it has become the China 's oldest Guan Yu Temple of main buildings , which is the earliest , biggest , best and the most completive Guan Yu Temple at present in the world . In 1985, it was displayed as an important historical relic protection , and passed by the State 4A class travel scenery . The precious construction and the special cultural meaning of Xiezhou Guan Yu Temple is respected as the ¡°Holy Hall of Chinese Traditional Royal Culture¡± . The tomb of Guan Yu's ancestors , known as holy land among believers of Guan Yu culture from home and abroad every year. So , this is Guan Yu's native village in Xiezhou Shanxi Province , and it is the oldest Guan Yu Temple by the Yellow River too , the people from the Yellow River welcome to you .


Li Fengqing inspects the oldest Guan Yu Temple on the 13 th Nov. 2006 .

Song Ping inspects the Xiezhou Guan Yu Temple on the 20 th Sep. 2005 important historical relic protection unit , and it is the only oldest buildings which integrates the tomb , temple and the Guanlin which is the State AAAA class travel scenery area . Guanlin takes up more than 200 mu , all the buildings are decorated



The Mayor , Yu Youjun of Shanxi Province inspects Guan Yu Temple on the 28 th Aut.2005


Wei Long , the Director of Xiezhou Guan Yu Temple (center) , Wang Zhihuai , the Director of Luoyang Guanlin Committee(left) and Zhang Dehong , the Director of Guanling in Dangyang .

The famous persons graceful bearing

Lui Chun Wan
Dexin Feng
Wu Zhaohuang
Zhang Delin
Guan Jiansheng
Zhu Zhengming
Wei long
Wang Zhiwai
Zhang Delong
Jiang Shengxi
Lin Dingcong
Guan Zhijie
Yang Pengfei