Lin Dingcong:the Man Who Is the Director of the Temple of Guan Yu on Dongshan Island in Fujian Province,China .””


The Temple of Guan Yu Dongshan Island looks out to the South China Sea . There is the wide beach scenery and the strange fisherman's family customs , adding the people in Dongshan Island enshrine the Guan Yu , and Guan Yu enshrined in the front hall of fisherman's family , so , this customs is from generations to generations , which look as the ”° the first class of the main land in China”± . The Guangong Cultural Festival was held at Dongshan Island in Fujian on the 13 th May 2005 , attracting more than 700 Taiwan Compatriots , the grand ceremony and the long and long ramble team , which were the best grand ceremony in Dongshan Island . From then on , Guan Yu Temple on Dongshan Island is looked as Guan Holy Temple and the Military Temple , keeping the special construction style which is like the style in Fujian province , in the main Hall , the sea animals were carved on the construction which was with the Island lingering charm . Following the economy cultural communication between the two sides across the Strait , many pilgrims from Taiwan go to the Dongshan Island for paying homage to Guan Yu .



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