Lhasa, Tibet: Guandi temple was inaugurated


World Guangong Culture news: On September 17th, Qi Zara, a member of the standing committee of Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, secretary of Lhasa municipal Party committee, Dong Yunhu, a member of the standing committee of Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, the minister of Propaganda Department of Autonomous Region Party Committee attended the ceremony and inaugurated " Guandi temple ".

Lhasa Guandi temple’s inaugurated ceremony was held at the front gate of temple of Guan Yu in Lhasa  written by Ma Jing

Lhasa " Guandi Temple " is located on the Pamari mountain of Lhasa city, it is the most large-scale and well-preserved existing temples of the Guan Yu in Tibet. In 1791 AD, the Gurkha invaded Tibet, the Qing government assigned General Fukangan to strike back with 17000 of soldiers and achieved the victory in the fight against aggression with the support of Tibetan people. The following year, the Han, Tibetan, Mongolian and Man soldiers who joined the fight against aggression donated 7000 taels of silver, and rebuilt the temple of Guan Yu on the Pamari mountain. With the deepening development of cultural communication between Tibetan and Han nationalities, Tibetan people took Guan Gong image as the same of King Gesar in the Tibetan legend, so called Han Gesar, meanwhile the Temple of Guan Yu was called " Gesar Lakang ". Lhasa’s Guandi Temple is the ironclad proof for the central government’s direct management of Tibet and showed that Tibet is the indivisible territory of motherland, and also a symbol of national unity and progress.

Guandi temple is located in the west side of Potala Palace and 300 meters distance from it. Because of disrepair for many years, the main building had more serious destruction. Reportedly, Lhasa has invested about 9 million yuan to repair and construct the statue of Duke Guan and other cultural relics and ancillary facilities since year of 2007.

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